John and Beth Duggan - Jewelry

John and Beth were born in the Midwest (John in Michigan and Beth in Kentucky). Both their families travelled Route 66 while moving to California in the early 60's. After growing up in different parts of California they lived in many different states before meeting each other back in California nearly 22 years ago. They were married and moved to Northern Virginia where they resided until they moved to Flagstaff in January 2018. John is an engineer and spent over eight years in the Air Force before settling down to work on the national space program. Beth has had many careers after college including a furniture manufacturer sales representative, an executive secretary and a licensed veterinary technician. Beth is also an accomplished musician and John is a fairly decent handyman.

John and Beth started making jewely around ten years ago in Northern Virginia. Neither had any formal art training in college, but have learned to make jewelry through many means. They have studied books, and instructional DVDs. They have taken hands-on classes at trade shows, museums, local stores and with jewelry artists. But their most important teacher has been learning from their mistakes while making jewelry.

John works with copper, bronze, brass and silver metals using various metalsmithing and jewelry making techniques. Beth works in silver and copper using wire wrap and silver metalsmithing techniques incorporating everything from gem stones and minerals to petrified wood. Both enjoy the creative prcess from idea to design to fabrication to use.

Their inspiration tends to come from all around; from nature, from other art, even from left over materials they find on their work benches. But they have found that one of the best sources for inspiration is in the search for materials. On their travels around the country they visit rock shops, metal fabricators, jewelry supply stores, museums and gem and mineral shows. Their only problem is trying to not collect more than they could possibly use in a lifetime.

Another part of the creative process they truly enjoy is being able to share their work with others. Jewelry is a great medium for sharing. It is worn everyday and is shared with all the people the wearer meets. It is mobile art that continues to provide pleasure for years.