Rebekah Nordstrom - Painter

As a native of Minnesota, Rebekah Nordstrom has a great love of snowy days and crisp clear nights. These invoke in her a warmness that inspires “ensamhet”, a Swedish word for the relaxing effect of being solitary and thoughtful, but not lonely. It is during these times that she takes to her easel to explore creative freedom by expressively painting in oil paint.

Rebekah graduated form North Dakota State University with a BA in Interior Design. She ran an Architectural Illustration business for over 20 years. Recently, she has decided to focus her attention on fine art. She likes to paint small and often, probing the relationships between shape, value, and color with simplified compositions. She is influenced by her Scandinavian heritage, being drawn to simple forms, and honest interpretation of place.

Rebekah frequently paints en plein air. Her love of being in nature, and her solitary spirit often find her with her little paint box on backcountry adventures. While painting en plein air, she strives for faithfulness to what she sees, all prima. She paints directly from nature with little studio refinement.

Living in Flagstaff, Arizona, Rebekah shares her studio with her husband and best friend Alex, their three cats Loki, Knute, and Eclipse, and four fabulous hens Mildred, Inga, Ruby, and Luna.

High Noon. 6”x6” Oil on Panel.