Dawn Sutherland - Landscape Artist

Dawn Sutherland is a painter of Southwest landscapes. Dawn was a teacher in her first life, and a college counselor in her second. She began her third life as a painter in 2001. An avid gardener and hiker, Dawn, her husband, Stan, and their cats, moved to Arizona in 2004. There, her paintbrushes met the challenge of intense blue skies, distant horizons, canyon mazes and crazy quilts of wildflowers blanketing the earth.

“Painting outdoors, en plein air, uniquely captures the depth, definition, and feeling of the landscape before me. I feel there is almost always a near-perfect composition provided by nature. Sometimes a scene calls out loudly to be painted; sometimes I hear only a mere whisper. These are the images that find their way to my heart and my canvas”

Dawn, Stan and their three cats, Sam, Ross, and Snickers, live in Flagstaff, Arizona. When not painting or teaching, Dawn can be found painting with plants in her gardens or exploring hiking trails. She participated in the 2014 Sedona Plein Air Festival, the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Grand Canyon Celebration of Art. A founding member of Arizona Plein Air Painters, Dawn is also a member of The Nature Conservancy, Grand Canyon Association, Best Friends, and Morris Animal Foundation.

A Silent Place 9” x 12” Oil
Starlight Etude 10” x 8” Oil