Stephen Yazzie - Jewelry Artist

I am a Navajo silversmith. My clans are Towering House, Bitter Water people, Tangle Hair clan, and Edge Water people. I currently live in Flagstaff, AZ and as an artist I have worked hard in developing and refining my skills in my work in contrast with my cultural heritage. I'm inspired by many things in my life that reflect into my artwork, with being a river guide, father, artist, and cat owner.

In my jewelry work I use traditional Navajo silversmithing techniques such as stamping, hammering, forming, and use of stone cabochons. I also use elements of newer contemporary styles such as married metals, casting, hollow forms, and traditional spiculum forming which I have learned from the Northern Arizona jewelry program. You can wear precious art works to self-glamorize and enhance beauty with art. Thus in tradtional Navajo saying, "To Walk in Beauty".